Niagara Falls Wedding Themes

Niagara Falls Wedding Themes

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about being a princess, or you adore the colour pink. Perhaps you really enjoy event planning and want to host a party everyone will talk about for years to come. Or maybe you just think it makes sense. Whatever the reason, planning your wedding around a central theme is a great idea. Not only will the entire day flow, your guests will be intrigued and impressed by the thought you put into your day and the excitement you had for it during the planning process. Really, anything goes. But if you are having a hard time deciding on a great Niagara Falls wedding themes, we have some ideas to get you started.

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The vintage wedding trend is still going strong, which is something that feels so romantic about adding old items to your big day. And the vintage frames and suitcases will breakout! Timeless pieces can make a wedding classic yet fresh and modern, and not too ” theme-y”. Think old leather, heavy damask textures, pinstripes and ribbon. You should also have stunning photography, a dramatic lighting and shadows, a vintage-y location, everything should be classic!

Do you love the idea of vintage weddings? Is the Victorian era your personal favorite?

Let’s plan a wedding with elegance and nostalgic fun. Victorian weddings are a wonderful choice for a garden wedding. Serve up some crumpets, tea, and old world charm with this Victorian garden theme. When planning Victorian weddings, you’ll want to find a suitable garden setting such as a large backyard, park or pavilion area. If you can’t have it outside, choose a Victorian style mansion, Inn, or church with a view of beautiful gardens and an elegant long veranda that allows guests to “stroll” about.

For the decor, choose pieces that are elegant and classy looking. Keep in mind that Victorian style tends toward the frilly and feminine. Patterns, which often include floral designs, are used heavily. Fabrics are often velvets, damasks and needlepoints, and the most popular colors include eggplant, bottle-green and red.

Fairy Tale Wedding

This is the most obvious theme you can explore. Not only can you select a princess-style gown complete with tiara, you can really delve into this motif. Arrive at the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage, treat your guests to a chocolate fondue fountain at the reception, rent crystal classes and fine china for your meal and serve a cake fit for a king and queen for dessert.

Contemporary Wedding

Are you attracted to what is chic and minimalist? Then this is the party for you. Your wedding attire will be trendy. Get creative with a modern colour scheme, such as grey. The cake will be the showpiece of the reception. And you will certainly be able to expand this idea to your hors d’oeuvres and wedding meal, selecting the latest in haute cuisine.

Vineyard Wedding

For anyone getting married in Niagara, this is a beautiful idea. Say your vows surrounded by a vineyard. The photos will be timeless. Provide a wine sampling before dinner or, if possible, have the winery give your guests a tour of the facilities. Your décor can include table settings of grapes, and your cake can include a cascading vine in its decoration. The ideas are limitless.

Beach Wedding

If you can’t get to the Caribbean, why not use tropical colours and ideas to transport your guests to the sunny south? Select vibrant blues and hot pinks for your wedding party, invitations and reception décor. For the couple to kiss, have guests write out messages for a bottle, which can be collected and given to the couple post-wedding as a souvenir of the day. If you want to go with a subtler motif, move to a colour scheme of deep-sea blues or emerald greens, and use complimentary hues, or shell-themed décor.

Most couples choose this wedding theme for its laid back and peaceful atmosphere. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in the Philippines where you can hold your beach wedding. You can opt for a church ceremony +  beach reception or a beach ceremony + beach reception which is kinda cool and romantic most especially if you are having a sunset or sunrise beach wedding.
Other people who don’t have the luxury of time to plan an out-of-town beach wedding can also bring the beach to their venue of choice (garden or indoor) by incorporating beach or ocean-related decors to their reception venue.

For the color motif, you can start with a base color such as a deep-sea blue, light emerald-green, or a medium blue. From there, you can combine any other sort of color for accents. For example, use a colorful fish to get some ideas or perhaps check out what colors are found on coral reefs.

The beautiful colors of the huge variety of ocean fish, the coral reefs, and other sea creatures can be breathtaking, so incorporate them into your wedding stationary and decorations. An interesting idea to use as an ice-breaker at guest tables is to research facts about the major oceans and seas. Print various facts about each body of water and make enough copies of each fact card for each guest table.

However there are many other considerations you will need to take into account when planning this type of wedding like the time of day do you wish to have your wedding, tide schedule, type of weather that normally occurs around your wedding date, facilities nearby that you can use to continue with your wedding festivities should it rain.
Either way, beach weddings can be very romantic and memorable for both the wedding couple and the guests. Just be sure to plan well for all possibilities ahead of time and you should have a wonderfully romantic wedding day.

Holiday Themes

This is one of the easiest themes to carry out. For Valentine’s Day, drape everything in red; if you’re marrying around Thanksgiving, you will have access to glorious reds, oranges, yellows and browns. A winter wedding has a timeless and classic element to it, and you can incorporate unique flowers such as amaryllis and poinsettia, into your bouquets, as well as use ice sculptures and snowflake designs.


There is something classic and charming about the farm. Your guests will love being outdoors, dining where they can hear crickets and the calls of wildlife. Find an updated barn to hold your reception and create a rustic wonderland, giving your guests the illusion of being in a simpler time. You might even be able to arrange hayrides for the adventurous.

Do you want a country-style wedding with rusticity and charm by the bucketful? Envisioning a glorious ride for two around the hayfield? See yourself gliding down the aisle in a fresh-as-summer cotton eyelet gown?

If you crave an atmosphere of relaxation, simplicity, and rustic charm, consider unusual country weddings with old-fashioned country-style. Country theme weddings can transport you and your guests to a simpler time, if only for a moment. For your color motif, start with a palette of earthy tones: yellows and golds, tans and umbers, sage and russet, celadon and cinnamon.

For unusual country weddings consider unique favors. Your guests will be honored to receive handmade, country-style favors. Small jars of home-canned jams or jellies, with pinked squares of calico fabric tied around the tops with ribbons, would be treasured. Your homemade labels could include a “thank you” to the recipient for sharing your special day. If you’re not comfortable with canning, fill the jars with lemonade mix, hot cocoa mix or coffee beans instead.


When you think of the tropics, what comes to mind are warm, sandy beaches, sunshine and blue-green waters. Other icons of the tropics encompass flowers such as orchids, hibiscus and exotic lilies; palm trees; conch shells; and luaus. Each of the different tropical islands in the world have their own cultural traditions and customs that make their weddings unique and very interesting and you can find pages on the internet relating to the wedding traditions of the different islands.



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